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Multi-masking is the trend that seems to be taking the beauty industry by storm but, what is multi-masking and why should we be doing it?
It is a rarity that a single face has one type of skin. With skin types varying from oily to dry, it is often we find ourselves in the limbo that is mostly oily with dry patches or even dry, though slightly oily depending on the weather or time of year. This skincare limbo is where multi-masking owes its birth. The skin on our face is subject to some of the most brutal conditions. It is, first and foremost, the only point of contact with the weather. From high exposure to sunlight in the summer to the harsh and bitter winds of the winter, our face goes through it all. It is unsurprising then, that the skin on our face is unpredictable and requires far more attention.
Beauty-scientifically speaking, our face can be split into three main sections. First up, the T Zone which comprises of the forehead, nose and chin. A ‘haven of oil’, I like to call this area due to the excess Sebum that is used to lubricate the skin. The oil centre of the face, the T-Zone is the area where we are most likely to notice break-outs, clogged pores and nasty spots.  The next section of the face are the cheeks. Most commonly known as the dry area of the face, the cheeks are the largest area, making them the first point of call to any environmental damage. Finally, the delicate area around your eyes is often noted as the third section of your face. This area is home to the thinnest and most delicate skin. It is also the most unforgiving, with those bags that often find themselves underneath them. Although these areas of the skin have their properties, it is unlikely that they are entirely what they say they are. There are endless combinations when it comes to skin types – which is what makes multi-masking such a genius trend!
I am not alone either when I say this. Consulting Sally Curson, the creator and founder of Face Matters Skincare and a mine of information when it comes to beauty and skincare on multi-masking, she stated;
‘As a therapist I absolutely LOVE multi masking and was something I began doing in my facials years ago as part of my bespoke tailor made treatments. Most people need 2 if not 3 different masks on their face to get optimum results. There are no negatives and the benefits are found in giving the correct prescriptives; normally nourishing to cheeks , deep cleansing to T zone and decongesting under eyes. Big results seen if part of a regular treatment.’
Taking Sally’s expert advice on board, I began my multi-masking mission to try and test the very best of face masks out there.
T-Zone: Deep cleansing, pore clarifying and mattifying.
Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap – Famous for its health and beauty properties, the Dead Sea has been a source since biblical times. Rich in natural minerals, the soap can be used as a mask to stimulate blood circulation and mattify the face. Available from Boots


Lacura Skin Science, Caviar Illumination 3 Minute Mask – This weekly peel mask contains concentrated exfoliants to target and refine pores while gently restructure the skins surface. With its caviar extract, it really does add a little bit of luxury to your skincare routine. Also containing papaya enzyme complex and AHAs, the mask relievs your skin of dead skin cells, while minimising your pores an amazing product for those with troublesome T-Zones. Available from Aldi
Eyes: Hydrating, line targeting, collagen boosting
Face Matters Collagen- boosting balm – A luxury skincare staple, this mask is a gentle yet deeply hydrating product that is perfect for the delicate area around your eyes. Containing a powerful collagen boost, the balm has a highly innovative restorative effect on the skin. Available from
Cheeks: Deeply hydrating and plumping
Base Formula Revitalising Overnight Mask – A new mask to the beauty market, this overnight mask is the ideal product to nourish, hydrate and regenerate the skin. Designed to work while you sleep, the mask supports your skin’s natural night-time repair and recovery process. Blending with Aloe Vera, essentials oils and other natural plant oils the product is deeply nourishing and perfect for any dry spots.
Alorée Radiant Mask – This organic facemask takes its power from the skincare superfood, Chlorophyll. Alorée is the only skincare range that uses this highly effective ingredient, making it one of the most powerful face masks to hydrate the skin and boost its radiance. Rich in antioxidants, this mask helps replenish, detoxify an revive your skin while the added benefits of chlorophyll (its green tinge gives it away), improves the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles.


Face Mask in a rush?
Maskeraide ‘I don’t wanna grow up’ – An intense, single use sheet mask is the perfect multi-tasking face mask to use if you are in a rush. Combatting the signs of aging the mask packs a punch of moisture into the skin, reaching all areas. With the likes of Ylang-Ylag Oil and Argan Oil in its ingredients list you can guarantee a youthful and moisturised complexion after this mask.
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