9 Reasons Why you Should Include Fish Oil in your Diet

Babi Chana BSc BioChemist and Nutritionist shares her knowledge on Fish Oil and why you should be including it in your diet.

1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Growing research, particularly in the field of fish-oils or omega-3 ‘good fats’, backs expert opinion that cardiovascular disease is diet related and preventable. Fish-oil is the only source of ‘EPA’, which is the biochemical building block of hormone-like messengers which are anticoagulants that reduce blood clotting, vasodilators that keep blood vessels open and anti-inflammatory substances which reduce damage that leads to blocked arteries.
2. Improves Eye Health 
Omega 3 fatty acids DHA are essential for contributing to healthy eye sight. It can reduce the risk of dry eye syndrome and improve overall eye health.
3. Doubles your Omega-3 intake
Just one teaspoon of Wiley’s Finest Peak Omega-3 Liquid contains the same amount of health-supporting Omega-3 found in 2 standard servings of cooked salmon. The recommended dosage as a supplement is two 5ml teaspsons daily.
4. Boosts Brain Development
According to research conducted by Social Policy Expert Dr Alex Richardson,“Omega-3 fatty acids are dietary essentials, and are critical to brain development and function. Increasing evidence suggests that a relative lack of omega-3 may contribute to many psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders”
5. Lowers Cholesterol
EPA & DHA Omega-3s from fish oils have been clinically demonstrated to lower blood cholesterol. They are a drug-free way to promote normal cholesterol and blood pressure in healthy adults.
6. Increases Energy
In most cases when taking fish oil, energy and mood improves very quickly as your body’s Omega-3 and Omega-6 balance improves.
7. Anti-Aging
EPA greatly benefits the skin by regulating oil production which boosts hydration and prevents acne. It also helps to delay the signs of aging and keeps wrinkles at bay.
8. Reduces Inflammation 
Omega-3 rich oils also have beneficial anti-flammatory effects.
9. Aids Weight Loss
Fish oil enables you to lose fat and build more muscle, whilst also making any diet or exercise routine more effective!
Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil
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