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Arriving through the impressive stone gateway to Hoar Cross Hall, the Grade II listed stately home stood proudly in front of us, dominating the rural Staffordshire countryside skyline. It was one of those ‘wow’ moments, where your appreciation for natural beauty is realised and exclamations of “we’re not in London anymore’ dominates….

Nestled in the beautifully aligned hills of The National Forest stands the beautiful grounds of Hoar Cross Hall (all 50 acres of it!).

An impressive sight and quintessentially English, the grounds of Hoar Cross Hall are so beautiful, you can immediately begin to feel the worries of day to day life fade away

Steeped in history, the hotel and spa is a property full of character and unique period touches with a nod to the modern ethos of ‘spa life’. A huge impact on the surrounding community, you can tell Hoar Cross Hall has been and is very much loved by its regular visitors and members. Being a fan of history, it wasn’t long before I fell head over heels in love with the building.

As regular (and obsessive) spa goers, it is sometimes easy to think we have seen it all. From small to large, from luxury to not-so luxury I thought my spa experience was up there with the very best. Low and behold, Hoar Cross Hall was about to break some records. As I entered the spa lounge for the first time, it was clear to me that Hoar Cross Hall was not just your regular spa. In front of me laid the largest spa reception area I had ever laid my eyes on. This jumbo-sized, heavenly spa retreat had so much to offer a map was required! Currently undergoing a ‘face lift’, The Spa at Hoar Cross Hall was a work in progress in some areas, but simply glorious in others. With a spa café, shopping mall and numerous relaxation rooms, Hoar Cross Hall is not a spa to do things in small proportions. Demanding an entire tour, the grounds of Hoar Cross house much more than simply a hotel and spa. With first class gym facilities including an extensive class schedule, 2 large pool areas and a state-of-the-art Matthew Curtis hair salon Hoar Cross Hall is a luxury spa I know won’t be forgotten in a hurry.
Centred on the balancing of the body and the mind, Hoar Cross Hall’s mission is to restore a sense of calm and promote a general sense of wellbeing. Belle Magazine can report that this is exactly what Hoar Cross does. Extensive does not cut it when you describe the sheer size of The Spa at Hoar Cross Hall. You could easily enjoy the facilities for a number of days and still find yourself discovering something new.

Though large, the spa has a charming ambience in which does not overwhelm you, but simply calms you as you enter what feels like a world of tranquillity
Amongst The Spa at Hoar Cross Hall’s facilities is a choice between two pools. The 26-metre saltwater vitality pool is big enough to swim in (we did witness some people doing a few lengths), but also comfortable enough to simply relax (in its starlit cave… yes!) and watch the spa world go by. With significantly less chlorine, the pool is gentle on the skin and senses.
For those looking for a slightly smaller pool with a relaxed vibe (though really, every corner of Hoar Cross Hall is relaxed), the Hydrotherapy Pool is the perfect remedy. As you slip into the warm waters, the gentle currents and jets allow you to fall into a peaceful and serene world. An impressive element of the Spa at Hoar Cross Hall are its Heat & Ice experiences. I could have sat and detoxed my body for hours in the modern area. From the aromatherapy room filled with a gorgeously potent Eucalyptus scent (perfect for the sinuses), to the steam room and traditional sauna, Hoar Cross Hall has not missed anything when it comes to these facilitates. Even involved in the process were soothing warm showers and, if you’re brave enough, cold showers and body jets (ignite a few giggles and screams of shock in the room).
After relaxing on the heated water beds in the relaxation room, it was time to get ready for our treatment.  A self-confessed ‘massage-aholic’, I was more than ready for my journey to relaxation to begin. I was booked in to experience the brand new luxury sensory TimePeace treatment collection.

A beautifully composed collection, the TimePeace treatment menu has been thoughtfully composed by the spa director to incite serenity reminiscent of ancient and far-off cultures. 

Exclusive to Hoar Cross Hall, these treatment are a huge luxurious thumbs up from us. Travelling from the depths of Egypt to the enlightening areas of the Orient, the TimePeace collection is a fascinating and incredibly innovative treatment menu. Having experienced the massage stage of each TimePeace journey, the attention to detail and level of care by the therapists is something to be praised. Beginning my TimePeace journey was a tangerine oil foot bath and cleanse, this personalised approach allowed me to deeply relax prior to my treatment. My therapist was knowledgeable and acutely aware of the products and massage techniques she was using. Asking my desired pressure, which is always firm, my therapist was completely consistent throughout, something that is very worthy of recognition. I came out of my treatment with a ‘floaty’ and deeply tranquil feeling ready to take on the evening.

While relaxing in our gorgeous and decadent suite, it was soon time to (only slightly) snap ourselves out of our tranquil state, and head downstairs for our dinner. With a day full of spa-ing, we had worked ourselves up quite an appetite! In the grand dining room of Hoar Cross Hall, we indulged ourselves in a decadent and traditionally British menu including mushroom ravioli, steak, lamb rump and a delicately presented ‘Burnt Cream’ (one of my all-time favourites). With happy bellies we headed up to sleep.

The British Autumn sun was shining the following morning, so, like true Brits, after breakfast we headed out and hired some bikes. Cycling the perimeter of Hoar Cross Hall really lets you see the enormity and beauty of the building. A haven of relaxation and the perfect escape for all types, from couples to your favourite group of girls. Hoar Cross Hall offers the very best of spa. Is it time to go back?…….
Spa Breaks from £169 per person
Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel
Maker Lane
Hoar Cross
Burton upon Trent
DE13 8QS
01283 575 671
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