As we approach the Christmas season, we are all starting to feel slightly fluffy around the edges. Endless Christmas drinks and the excuse for an extra mince pie makes us all feel slightly heavier and in need of detox. January sees the most popular time to kick start our regime for a healthier new year. PUSH @42 Acres, based in Somerset’s beautiful countryside is so much more than ‘just a boot camp’. They believe that even in four days they can empower their clients to change their worlds, be the best that they can be and feel like they can achieve anything.
Running throughout 2016, PUSH have the UK’s best trainers, amazing coaches and an incredible chef cooking clean food. Combining everything you could want in a retreat in the most luxurious of surroundings, you can kick start your new love-your-body regime with a bang. After working  and training hard as you learn how to improve your well-being and health, you can return after a long day, to a cosy log fire, deliciously healthy food, deep-soft mattresses and soak the strains (and aching muscles) in a bubble-filled roll-top bath. Improve your health in complete luxury – heaven!

PUSH believes in a process called FANS, which stands for:

FOCUS – Coaching to help you work out what your goal is and then create a realistic plan of how you will achieve it.

AWARE – Mindfulness, so you learn how to live more ‘presently’; find your calm, deal with stress and feel so much happier.

NOURISH – Work with PUSH’s nutritionists to deal with any dietary issues and learn how to nourish yourself to feel and look at your very best.

STIMULATE – Exercise with PUSH’s brilliant trainer to get you looking brilliant but also releasing endorphins so that you feel a mental switch, feel positive and in the right mindset the create real change.

Get your flow back at PUSH @ 42Acres.
Prices start from £895
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