4 Steps to Perfect Pins

Although it seems winter is never ending as we hide from beneath our many layers of clothes, us ladies chant “one must not forget to groom the legs”… a necessary chant we feel as the thought of exposing our pins on a spontaneous night out fills us with fear. Perfect winter pins are not a myth ladies! Venus expert, Nathalie Eleni shares her top tips on how to get smooth winter skin this February!
Top Tip 1: Before you jump in the bath or shower, use a body brush in long strokes from the ankle to the knee upwards towards your hear, and from your knees up towards your buttocks to help boost circulation
Top tip 2: Use the all-in-one Venus & Olay Sugarberry razor to achieve hair-free, silky-smooth legs. Adding another layer to your beauty regime, the gentle blade sweeps away dead skin cells for health surface skin renewal.
Top tip 3: Indulge your super-smooth legs with a short massage using a rich moisturiser or body butter. This will help to stimulate circulation and replenish the skin’s natural moisture, but be sure to let it dry fully.
Top tip 4: Complement your glowing skin with a pedicure, using nude polish to accentuate the legs or a pop of pink to brighten your skin tone.


Top pins are made to be shown off!
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