7 ways to eat avocado

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We at Belle couldn’t love avocado more. It’s delicious, it’s nutritious and can also be super fun to eat. Today we’ve been on the hunt for the best ways to eat avocado and are so excited to share our favourites with you:
Au Naturale: yes, it’s just that good! Whether cut into slices or halved and eaten with a spoon, avocados are just as delicious on their own. Feel free to spice things up a bit with a little seasoning.
As a dip: A must-have for every sleepover. Throw on your cosiest pyjamas, invite round all your best girlfriends, chuck on a chick flick and bring out the snacks. Impress everyone with your best home-made guacamole. FYI for the perfect sleepover it can also be used as a facemask!
In a salad: Avocado is an awesome addition to any salad, also making it crazy healthy. It adds a great creamy texture to a typically crunchy dish.
In a Burger: vegetarians rejoice! Not only can avocado be used as an extra tasty treat inside a regular burger, it can also be used as the main ingredient! Frying avocado in breadcrumbs creates a great avocado patty that tastes so good inside a burger!
Healthy fries: we can’t tell you how excited we were to find this simple recipe for a healthy take on our guilty pleasure – fries! Dip sliced avocado in egg, roll in breadcrumbs and bake at 230 degrees for 15 minutes – voila! Super simple, super tasty, super healthy.
In a cocktail: our new favourite Friday night treat: Avocado daiquiri! Mix avocado with lime, crushed ice and of course – Rum and you’ve got yourself a crazy tasty cocktail!
And last but by no means least…
In a dessert: yes you heard us right. Not just any dessert – chocolate mousse! Combine 6 ounces of melted chocolate, 1 avocado, 3 tablespoons of honey and a pinch of salt in a food processor until smooth. You will NOT regret it.
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