Montibello: The Secret to Healthy hair

Good hair can say a lot of things, with good hair you can feel like you can take on the world. That’s why at Belle Magazine we have fallen in love with Spanish hair care experts, Montibello and their new range, Naturtc – the first hair care range based on tricho nutrition. Tricho what? We hear you say. Montibello is a brand that recognises that just like the body, hair neds to have all its nutritional needs covered to remain healthy. So, we can say that, Tricho.Nutrition Technology is as one would say, your hairs five-a-day. The technolo intelligently transports and releases nutritional elements exactly where they are needed.
We London dwellers and our hair are often affected by our lifestyle, our pace of life and eating habits makes it difficult for us our hair to get all of its nutritional needs. Montibello contains the perfect blend of naturally derived active ingredients to end our hair woes.
Tricho.Nutrition: A New Hair Care Discipline
The TREAT NATURTECH range is based on:
1) Nutritional Elements: six groups of nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, metabolites (a soothing element which forms part of the metabolism of plants) and vitamins have been incorporated to topically deliver ingredients which are fundamental for hair health.
2) Variants That Affect The Hair (Polymorphisms): includes genetics(hair type), physical (e.g. styling/drying techniques/use of electrical tools), environmental (climate change) and chemical (e.g. hair colour).
3) Scalp Problems: (irritation/flaking/grease/hair loss)


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