4 Top Tips to spring clean your dating profile

 As the new season approaches, many of us begin to spring clean our homes and throw out those winter clothes ready to update our wardrobes. It makes you feel good doesn’t it? Well, the same should apply to your online dating profile. TrueView the honest dating app, noticed how dated profiles are becoming overlooked as users read the same profile and interests over and over again. Now that Spring has arrived, get ready to start afresh in the dating world with an online dating spring clean!
Change is a good thing.
Go out and find new interests and share them on your profile. For all you know, discovering that you love bungee jumping might just be the new hobby to help you find the one. Suggesting you would love to share these newfound interests with someone special will encourage those to get to know you more.
How many times have you skipped the same person’s profile?
Give your profile a whole new rewrite, perhaps there are some details your missing about yourself which have caused others to skip past.  There’s not always a reason why we skip past people’s profiles but if we see the same old profile over again, we get bored of looking at it.
Don’t limit yourself to a type.
How often do you hear someone say – “they are so not my type, but there’s something about them…” Just because someone may not look like your type, you shouldn’t skip past him or her. In day-to-day life, we meet such a range of people, and some we even come to love. It should apply to online dating too. Many of us skip someone’s profile because their physical attributes didn’t ‘tick every box’. Take the leap and talk to those who share your interests, you’ll be amazed at how many new dates pop up!
Snap happy.
Make sure you update your photos from time to time. TrueView have seen that though someone may have been on their site for a while, as soon as they update their profile picture, they receive a flurry of messages from people asking if they had just joined!  Oh, and remember, upload a few more of those smiley pictures, and not so many of those trout pouts. Those who smile in their profile pictures are much more appealing as it suggests you are a happy upbeat person.
Spring is the start of a new season, hit the ground running and give your profile a spruce.
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