Review | Drake & Morgan, Kings Cross

A dining scene to be envious of, the area of King’s Cross isn’t short of places to enjoy good quality food, however, after being invited in to Drake & Morgan it has firmly been placed at the top of our list. After a short walk from Kings Cross station, we wandered into the modern yet expertly chic Drake & Morgan. A Thursday evening, the restaurant had a buzz and a lively atmosphere – a venue visibly loved by the younger and older diner/drinker alike.
With two large levels, Drake & Morgan has a sparkling bar area with an elegant sweeping staircase and a dining area upstairs with what we would describe as the ultimate centrepiece – an open kitchen. Guests are invited to sit upon a bar-like table and watch as the experienced chefs prepare their meals. With interiors reminiscent of a contemporary yet trendy cocktail bar, Drake & Morgan is a huge venue. So huge in fact, that we get the impression that visiting the restaurant is very much a social affair. Though the restaurant and bar was busy, and continued getting busier throughout the night, the poised staff and lively atmosphere remained. Seated towards the back of the restaurant we were able to watch as the endless stream of delicious meals were delivered to their awaiting owners with an array of enchanting aromas. Our noses particular twitching with the smell of truffle oil.
Served by an attentive and friendly waiter who spent some time recommending his favourite wines and dishes on the menu, we had plenty of choices to mull over. Before we could lift our eyes from the menu we were brought a selection of breads and olives to enjoy. Opting for a delectable bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, our thoughts soon turned to our choice of starter.
We chose Heirloom Tomatoes from the selection of small plates, a delicious Italian-inspired array of avocado and tomatoes with a burrata and balsamic dressing. Presented perfectly as if plucked straight from Tuscany it provided a fresh and light start to the meal. A small of plate of Chicken Satay was also chosen bringing us back to our party days! With an exceptional choice of grills to be chosen from, from the air, sea or land, burgers and classic mains such as Fish & Chips, there is something for everyone, and even the most fussy. Finally settling on a Rib-Eye Steak and Lamb Chops with a selection of Roman Fries, a delicious taste combo of parmesan, truffle and rosemary and Cowboy Fries with honey, chilli and garlic, we can’t say we were disappointed. Despite a long wait for our meal to arrive, we were kept content by our waiter’s reassurance and our frequently topped up glasses– not much can be done for a busy kitchen, and once working in the waiting service, I understood!
Finishing our meal with a Salted Chocolate Caramel Tart (sheer heaven on a plate) and a selection of ice cream we were well and truly indulged. Leaving Drake & Morgan with very happy tummies, it seems as if the night was only just beginning with a DJ set beginning downstairs – maybe next time eh?
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