6 Best Places to take a date

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Dating isn’t easy, often filled with nervous excitement and the anxiety of ‘What should I wear?’ ‘Do my shoes go with my outfit?’ and of course ‘Does my makeup look cute?’ But the one thing often overlooked is the all-important location. Let’s face it, the first date is make-or-break, so a great setting is crucial. Dinner and a movie is too overdone so make sure it’s something original.

We have pulled together all of our dating experiences (and some dates we wish we’d been on!) and put together a great list of awesome activities to do on a date.

Rock climbing: not only is this a little bit different, but it also gets the adrenaline going. And for those of you with a competitive streak, you can race each other to the top! (Or stay at the bottom and admire your date’s bum!)
Horseback riding:  let’s face it girls, it’s the stuff dreams are made of. Head down to your nearest stables and trail ride horses for an afternoon. Enjoy a spot of lunch and literally ride off into the sunset.
Jazz club: grab a snug table for two, a couple of cocktails and get to know your date while the sensual sounds of the saxophone and stand-up bass fill the room. Feel every bit the sophisticated woman!
Take a dance class: what better excuse to get up close and personal with your date. Try out a beginner’s class that you would both enjoy, grab their waist, pull them close and dance the night away.
Picnic by candlelight: there is no setting more romantic than the night sky. Find a great location and lay out a blanket, light some candles and enjoy a yummy picnic. Snuggle on the blanket afterwards and end the date with a spot of stargazing.
Progressive Dining:  Something that we have just learned about (and love!) is progressive dining. Now for the most refined dater, just your typical dinner at a half-decent restaurant won’t do. Been there, done that. So to shake things up a bit, pick three separate locations to eat in on the same date. Fancy sushi? Go to a great sushi bar for a starter. Find a cosy, tucked away restaurant and enjoy a great main and end the night by hitting up an ice cream bar for dessert.
Stop with the monotonous dinner dates, take your significant other on a truly memorable, exciting date and watch her swoon – thank us later!
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