An Interview with Doris and Co

Picture a cutesy, cottage-like setting with an inspired teapot and mugs, matching tea towels and a AGA cooker… sounds like the country dream right? After being introduced to English pottery company Doris and Co, the dream seemed that little bit closer! The Belle Team had a chat with Emma Warren, Director at Doris and Co to looking behind the brand and discover why homeware is trendy.
Hi Emma, what was the inspiration behind the collection?
 An old Victorian Christening mug inspired the look and feel of Doris – a need to create something tactile and beautiful, but at the same time hard-wearing and long-lasting with a meaningful message.  These are earnest sayings; an aide to survival for men and women – thoughtful and well-considered, this is more than a slogan. It’s a life coach in a mug.
 Made in the UK for Doris by the Royal Stafford pottery, Doris mugs are made in creamware and made to last – to our own exclusive mug and decorative design.  With a constitution which is well-suited to the rigours and vigours of daily use, a Doris mug will stand the test of time, of that you can be sure!
 What are your favourite pieces?
Oh that’s a hard question to answer! I love the companionship and determination conveyed by Hold Fast mugs, the sentiment of Old Friends, and the fortitude of Made of Stern Stuff.  There’s also a corner of my heart which will forever belong to the Nipper Cheesboard and his versatility – being a cheese fiend myself, the thought of a warm camembert served from the oven Nipper-style is very tempting!
 What are your best-selling pieces?
 The half pint mugs are very popular in Old Friends and Hold Fast and the recently introduced teapots have proved very popular.  We support the Coxless Crew in their quest to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded with £5 from every Made of Stern Stuff mug, so these are starting to become really popular.
 What kind of customer is a Doris & Co customer?
 Our main customers are 25-55 working women and mothers whose lives are complex and carry many responsibilities. Doris provides them with gifts for friends and items for the home which they can rely upon and which they find collectable and charming, and just a little bit different from other suppliers. We offer them heirlooms, not disposables, and thought provoking, truly meaningful decoration. We pique their aesthetic sense and their sense of humour.  Our customers are advocates and our ambassadors and we love them!
 What are the key messages you want to portray as a brand?
 Our mantra is Empire standard quality – the best materials, the best craftsmanship, to produce truly heart-warming wares,  goods which are enduring –  stern enough to last several lifetimes – and of sentiment sweet enough to merit this.
 One of our ambassadors, Victoria from Victoria’s Cottage summed up exactly what we want Doris to be about – here are her words…
 “When I first laid my eyes on a Doris & Co mug, I experienced joy, comfort and inspiration all at once.  First it was the creamy, Georgian shape that caught my eye.  Next, the beautifully detailed illustration that led my eyes to the phrase ‘Hold Fast’.  I felt that little feeling that we all feel inside when we hear something much needed, right at the perfect moment.  In a world saturated with meaningless typography and overused words plastered on to any available surface, Doris was different. I had to find out more…”
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