10 First World Struggles every health fanatic goes through working in an office

1. Birthdays, and there’s a lot of them. Your boss, your colleague, the lady downstairs, the cleaner, the guy on reception. And birthdays mean cake, and let’s be honest, when you get offered a fat slice of Colin, the ever so faithful caterpillar, who can say no?
2. Canteens. Subsidised canteens. Full English breakfast for £2? Jacket potato, beans & cheese for £1.50? You’re making my salad I threw together in 2 minutes whilst I ran out the door this morning look very unappealing.  


3. Team nights out. Yes we have fun but is it absolutely mandatory for every night out to consist of sugary cocktails and a visit to Meat Liquor? It’s just too good to say no! And this leads very nicely onto point number 4….
4. Bacon sandwich Fridays.Please don’t ask me for my sandwich order. Can’t you see my green tea and bowl of oatmeal? You’re torturing me!


5. Networking events. Also known as unlimited, free canapés and wine. Not only do you have to stay after work instead of going to the gym, and talk about work when you would normally be winding down, you’re offered free food and drink? Impossible to say no! 
6. The ones who judge you.Despite what you think, this MASSIVE PLATE of vegetables will fill me up, no I won’t faint if I stop eating sugar and I will survive without bread. Thank you for your concern. 


7. The home bakers. Yes your home made batch of brownies look delicious, and yes I’m sure your chocolate fudge cake tastes amazing, but it’s 10am on a Monday morning. Stop it. 
8. The non believers. Please don’t tell me that my diet of nuts, avocado & eggs is bad for me because they contain SO much fat. It’s healthy fat okay? And yes there is such a thing.
9. The yo-yo dieters. There are always be one who will try and convince you that their latest fad (which lasts for all of 3 days) is going to work – 500 calories a day, vegetable soup only, sugary meal replacement shakes are not sustainable! Please leave me to over indulge in veggies and dark chocolate. 
10.  Christmas. The best time of the year and also the absolute worst for being healthy. Eating an entire tub of Quality street in an afternoon is acceptable and so is turning up hungover every single morning. If you can’t beat them….


But it’s 100x easier when you find someone who gets that this is a lifestyle. Someone to share your love of green juices, to satisfy your craving for raw cheesecake & peanut butter with, that understands that meal prepping means you’ve had the same lunch for the last three days and aching from the gym means that those high heels need to come off and stay under your desk! Those ones are the best 

The Baking Bankers, otherwise known as Becci (23) and Ceri (25), are 2 girls trying to find a balance between the Corporate world and a healthy, clean life. They found friendship through Banking and discovered a mutual love for all things fit and healthy from workouts to restaurants and cafes to clothes. With a determination to succeed in not only toning up and feeling fit but clean and energised too, they started their Instagram as a way to encourage each other. Check them out @TheBakingBankers for recipe ideas, places in London to visit, workout inspiration and a good dose of healthy motivation. 

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