When you have a full-time job sometimes an extra hour in bed, at the gym, or spending time with friends is much more appealing than prepping lunches for the next week. And sometimes, when all you manage to prep is a measly salad made up of leftovers, popping next door to the sandwich shop suddenly seems much more appealing.. Basically, being healthy at work isn’t always easy. Luckily, the guys at Pod have done all the hard work for us. Last week, they set us the task of choosing Pod everyday for 5 days to see what a difference it made to our normal working week. Here’s how we got on….

The range of food Pod have to offer is impressive, particularly with their salad options. One on our favourites was the Salmon Detox Box which came with a Salmon nori wrap (delicious and carb free!), kelp noodle, avocado, pickled cabbage and ginger, spinach, kale an an edamame salad. We also loved the Gym Box and Protein Box, perfect for keeping us energised throughout the day before heading to the gym after work.

We were very happy with the labelling on all of Pod’s food. We try and limit our gluten and dairy intake because it can often leave us feeling ‘uncomfotable’. Luckily, Pod took all the guess work out for us and had every item on the menu labelled very clearly.

Juices were another hit in our eyes. With other food chain charging up to £7 for a juice or smoothie, Pod hit the spot with juices starting at a very reasonable £3.25. You can pick your juice off the shelf, unblended, so you can see exactly what’ gone into your drink and then it is blended at the counter for you. Our favourites were the Supergreen Blitz and the Vitamin Hit Blitz – exactly what we needed to detox and feel cleansed after an overindulgent weekend!

Pod also have a good selection of branded snacks on offer and we were particularly pleased to see that they sold Bounce Balls and Nookie Bar! They also have their own range of snack options, including a Mango Superfood pot (yum!). Once we’d got over the shock that we were eating Quinoa rather than the chia seeds we weer expecting, we really enjoyed it and it was a tasty an innovative change.  Pod snacking pots are priced from just £1 – bargain! We especially liked the chicken pot and the falafel – sugar-free substitutes to stop you being tempted by those afternoon biscuits in the office.

And for days when the English weather is making you crave some comfort food Pod also offers a selection of ‘Hot Pods’.  We’d recommend the Persian lamb meatballs and the Thai red chicken curry. These can be served skinny style, with just salad and no rice, ideal for those of us who are conscious about eating too many carbs. 

After our week with Pod we felt like we’d had a total detox. The food is so fresh, and it really proves that eating clean can be delicious and varied. We were really impressed with how much there was to choose from, and also how reasonably priced everything was. With so many different healthy options we’ll be going back soon to try out the rest of the menu, and we recommend that anyone who works in central London checks out their nearest Pod to discover just how fun, tasty and easy being healthy can be. 

We also need to make a trip there before work to try out their famous scrambled eggs and porridge (how amazing does Peanut butter power porridge sound?!). Pod, we’ll definitely be seeing you again soon – thank you very much for letting us join your taste adventure!

Copy by The Baking Bankers

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  1. Hello ladies,

    It was so wonderful to see you enjoying the whole range. Thank you for sharing the pod love and enjoying more people to enjoy a healthy, more delicious life with us.

    See you again,

    Love pod x

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