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There is nothing we like more than hearing of success start-up stories – especially when it comes to food. When we heard about Cuckoo Bircher Museli, an incredible young start up brand who are fast becoming one of Britain’s great foodie start-up success stories, we couldn’t wait to here more. Founders and best friends Lucy and Anna have taken a unique and modern twist on traditional Bircher Muesli with their satisfying, on-the-go pots packed with protein and fibre. Hear what happened when we chatted to Lucy and Anna on their success:

 Is co-founding Cuckoo what you always imagined yourself to be doing?
Lucy: Certainly not when we met aged 13, we often say, ‘imagine if we had known we’d be doing this when we were at school! It is amazing to have co-founded a company at a relatively young age with your best friend and in all honesty I never imagined this would happen but couldn’t think of a better job!
Anna: No. Although I had always liked working for smaller companies or start-ups during my summer holidays as a student and have also always loved good food literally since I was a babe, so with that combination it isn’t surprising.

What is it like working with your best friend?
Lucy: It is brilliant working with your best friend because we know each other so well, honestly Anna knows me better than anyone in the world! It is really fun to be able to share the highs and then also help each other through the lows, we know each others family very well and they are all so supportive.
Anna: For us it works really well – we manage to have a professional relationship but also go out and have fun. We don’t have to talk about work and we balance life and work well!

What makes you work well together?
Lucy: We both have very different skill sets which complement one another but we also have the same ethos when it comes to drive, passion, determination and hard work. We help each other if something goes wrong, which is inevitable in a business.
Anna: We are very different. Bringing our own strengths to the table is key.

What do you think is your key to success?
Lucy: Persistence, hard work, determination, pass and a genuine love and belief in our brand.
Anna: I think you have a combination of factors all lined up to have success rather than it being down to one thing – the actual product itself has to be great, and then qualities of the people behind the business are crucial too. We’re hardworking and determined, which is a necessity!

Do you have a favourite brand that you respect above others?

Anna & Lucy: There are so many amazing brands out there, but for us the ones we really admire are Propercorn and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Both have a great product, amazing people behind them and are really taking their categories by storm.

Describe Cuckoo in 140 words

Cuckoo makes premium, on-the-go Bircher muesli pots in five innovative flavour combinations. Each pot contains British oats, yoghurt, linseed and juicy fruit and is the perfect on-the-go breakfast, snack or wholesome dessert. Cuckoo caters for the food adventurer and is here to make ones morning more colourful and provide the energy needed to take on the day!

Cuckoo Elderflower
 Cuckoo is available from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado Selfridges, Daylesford Organic, AMT Coffee and independent delis, cafés and farm shops nationwide.
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