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They say to watch your ‘empty calories’, yet how many of us actually pay attention to what we drink? Though we all know that water is a healthy and safe choice, we can’t help but feel our taste buds tingling for something a little bit more exotic. Never fear. On my search for a healthier alternative, I have tried, tested and tried again my top 5 drinks you need to in your kitchen this season.

BioSynergy Skinny Water

A low-calorie, raspberry flavoured drink this reminds me of a glass of fruity squash. Yet, packed full of nutrients and minerals, you can rest assured that while sipping BioSynergy Skinny Water, it will truly hydrate the body



Launched at the end of last year, Overhang is relatively new to the market. Inspired by the family’s secret Italian recipe, the drink is a thirst quencher that has been enriched with vitamins and botanicals. There are many flavours available and I did hear that their Milk Thistle was particularly good!


Eisberg Alchohol Free Wine

Hands up all wine lovers! Yes, I am one of them and goodness me is it hard to find a good quality alcohol-free wine that tastes pretty much exactly the same. Eisberg however, have hit the nail on the head with their selection of Alcohol free wines. You can enjoy the taste of wine, without the hangover and only a third of the calories – score? Yes.


Sibberi Bamboo Water

A little bevvy making its debut to the drinks market is Sibberi’s Bamboo Water. Hailed as having the highest source of silicia, Bamboo water is the best-kept secret for healthy skin, hair and nails. I can’t say that the taste is particularly enticing, but keeping the benefits in mind, this is definitely one for the fridge (and much better than Birch water).



MOMA Yog Oats

The thought of a deliciously creamy milkshake on a warm summer’s day is enough to make anyone’s taste buds go into overdrive, yet the calories and rich, decadent nature can cause havoc with your digestive system. Made from MOMA’s legendary blend of smooth oats, yoghurt and fruit it is a super-filling and yummy breakfast drink. Also high in protein this is great for the gym bunnies among us!



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