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For many of us, coffee is an absolutely essential part of a morning routine. In fact, the many slogan T-shirts in the shops today with “but first…coffee” speak for themselves. Exclamations of “I can’t start my day until I’ve had my coffee” are rife in the office, we make popping into Starbucks a regular occurrence and if we are feeling slightly stressed we find ourselves reaching for our warming, deliciously smelling, soul reviving mug. Why we ask? Is it the powerful aromas or the rich flavour that tempts us in? Is it the buzzing and alert feeling we get afterwards? Whether we like it or not, good or bad, coffee is on most people daily agenda and it seems recently our minds are filled with horror stories on why coffee is bad for us. This is why we thought it was time to debunk a few coffee myths and give you 10 things you need to know about caffeine.

  1. Coffee is actually a fruit
    Coffee beans are found in the pits of a cherry-like berry that is grown on bushes. We call coffee beans beans, but they are actually a seed. Its called a bean because of its resemblance to actual beans.

  1. It’s true coffee itself isn’t good for you, but what’s IN it is
    Though reports show that regularly coffee consumption can play a role in Parkinsons Disease and diabetes, coffee contains a huge amount of antioxidants and minerals that improve cognitive function, concentration and alertness.

  2. It’s a perfect cellulite-busting beauty product
    Mixing a small handful of coffee with Olivia oil creates a great exfoliator to replenish the skin and help fight the appearance of the dreaded orange-peel skin! Top tip: try exfoliating in upwards circular motions towards to heart for the best effect.

  3. It can give you a better work out
    Ever wonder what your favourite insta-fit inspirations are talking about when they speak of their awesome pre-workout buzz? Probably a product loaded with caffeine. Coffee is proven to boost your physical performance by up to 12%

  4. It can help you lose weight
    It is reported that caffeine can boost your metabolism by up to 3-11% – perfect!

  5. It can help you live longer
    Yes its true! Studies show that adults who drink three of more cups of coffee a day have a 10% lower risk of death… interesting…

  6. Coffee won’t make it hard for you to sleep
    Despite what many say, it is not necessarily true that coffee will make it hard for you to fall asleep. The effect that coffee has on each person is very dependent on the individual.

  7. It will make you happy
    Coffee can actually assist in your development of the ‘happy’ hormone dopamine, warding off depression and making you overall a happier person.

  8. It does not dehydrate you
    While coffee does have natural diuretic qualities, the amount of water consumed during your coffee and throughout the day is normally enough to offset it

  9. There is a perfect ‘Coffee Time’
    Apparently, if you want your caffeine hit, 9.30am is the perfect time to have your coffee. Before this your body’s level of cortisol which controls the body’s sugar peak between 8am and 9am, meaning you won’t feel any effects from the coffee.
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