I love to walk through country lanes, inhaling the fresh air and taking in the green British countryside. There truly is nothing like the view of endless rolling hills and the awakening notion of British agriculture that lies at the very heart of our country.  Yet, with a working life permanently based in London, the city smog rides high on the agenda, with the luxury of a country escape merely a plan for ‘sometime’. Luckily for us, that ‘sometime’ was a sunny weekend in June, where we took a visit to The Shepherd’s Hut at Dimpsey Farm – the countryside escape that stole my heart.

Constantly on the hunt for a place to visit that goes beyond the grand (and very large) hotels that we are used to, the Shepherd’s Hut was most welcome. A place that can only truly be appreciated by visiting, the hut is a quaint, gorgeously decorated and magical escape, where the heart and soul of owners Emma and Andrew is on full display. These are people that love what they do and wow, does it pay off. With a little piece of magic in their hands, Emma and Andrew go above and beyond for their guests. Passion goes a long way in the hospitality industry, and speaking to Emma, we were quick to realise what a genuine passion she had for the place, which was truly heart warming.

Arriving in Blackdown Hills in Somerset, we drove past the farm house along a graveled lane that brought us directly to the hut. Standing proudly among the green farmland, the hut is aesthetically beautiful,  soaked in character and the perfect backdrop. We were greeted by Andrew, midway through bringing the sheep into the field. We breathed a sigh of relief as it was clear we had left London far far behind. Shown the ropes by Andrew, we began settling in to our stay. With a visit from Emma who arrived armed with a basket full of goodies, including her most fantastic Chicken Basket recipe, we were all set to kick back, relax and enjoy our stay. You can enjoy a selection of food fresh from the farm if ordered prior to your stay – we would absolutely recommend you do this.


Emma has thought of every detail from the lusciously moist cakes on arrival and homemade soap in the bathroom, to the most gorgeous ‘hot chocolate corner’ – an absolute dream for myself. For one hut, it contains so much character that the hashtag #InstagramGoals is rife. Spending a whole hour getting a gallery of #InstagramGoals, I joined my other half outside, who was making sure the fire was well underway.

Set in a secluded area of the farm, The Dimpsey Shepherds Hut has a fire pit, outdoor oven and hot tub that is heated by fire. As a British June usually is, the evening was quick to get cold, but with the fires going, we were happy to sit under the stars as our chicken crisped in the outdoor oven. If weather is not on your side, there is a stove for you to use in the kitchen. Celebrating with a pop of champagne, a delighted sigh of ‘this is the life’ was shared by both of us. As darkness descended, we were able to light the many candles surrounding the outdoor area, as well as switch on the fairy lights on the hut. It really is one of the most romantic settings we have ever experienced – it was therefore no surprise to see the tally of marriage proposals that the hut has built up during its time.

Enjoying our meal while watching the animated sheep pace and bounce through the field opposite, our hot tub was getting delightfully warm. Shaped like a bath tub, the hot tub is heated by a a fire pit at the end, with a chimney to let out the smoke. Perfectly sustainable and eco-friendly, which was a pattern that ran throughout the hut, the hot tub was a winning and fantastic addition.

With a small kitchen and shower room, the Dimpsey Shepherd’s Hut is a tardis, full of nooks and crannies that are filled with character. The crockery is vintage and the rest of the hut, from the towels to the cushions are sourced from British suppliers. It really is a true celebration of Britain. Inspired by Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree book, Emma changes the interior of the hut regularly to suit the seasons. We stayed during Festival Season, which meant we had a gorgeous festival blanket and an amazing record player – great for my music loving partner. I have an unnatural love of Christmas and I couldn’t help but imagine Dimpsey during the festive season – just gorgeous I’m sure. A bed is pulled down from the wall, transforming the table into a large double bed. The bed was extremely comfortable and the hut very cosy – there is a fire inside in case you are a little chilly.


With the sun rising, we awoke with the sheep to a view of sunrise. Our Sunday morning treat consisted of a cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon and sausages supplied from the farm and a warm cup of tea. With plans to create a cinema in another hut, taken directly from the movie set of Far from the Madding Crowd, starring Carey Mulligan, the hut has the brightest of futures. It really is hard to imagine how The Dimpsy Shepherd’s Hut can be any more wonderful – but with passions like Emma and Andrew’s we cannot wait to see how the hut evolves.

I had to be dragged away from the hut when it was time to leave. Our time at the hut was nothing short of magical, and I am certain I left a little bit of my heart behind…




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