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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to fitness I want savvy. Not just savvy, I want savvy and instant. Not only does it motivate me further, but having that small piece of data or that tiny indication of progression at my fingertips, I feel that extra gush of wind behind me to push me forwards and hit my goals. I have always been one motivated by progress, whether thats in a work environment or fitness, I want to improve. That’s why when QardioBase landed on my doorstep, I jumped for joy. For those that like numbers, this very model is made for us.

Having recently launched, QardioBase, is a smart scale and body analyser and the perfect tech gear for fitness enthusiasts. Unlike many other scales, QardioBase ticks all of the boxes when it comes to measurements. It measures your weight, BMI and full body composition including muscle, fat, water and bone. It even tracks your hydration levels, your muscle building history and tells you if you are turning those fat deposits into muscle tissue, losing weight or just water.

Whatever your goal, hitting and reaching them is often extremely hard. With modern life and busy schedules it is hard to find time in our 9-5 day to dedicate to your health and fitness regime. For those who failed in the past, QardioBase offers a unique smart feedback that uses high performance algorithms to analyse weight history and displays with emoticons rather than numbers, eliminating the main reason for goal abandonment – daily weight fluctuations! Yes ladies, this is completely normal. And really, who doesn’t want your scales smiling back at you on weigh-in day!?

For those mummas out there, QardioBase also offers a pregnancy mode that tracks week by week progress! Pretty smart guys, round of applause.

What are you waiting for? Connect your wifi and hit those goals with QardioBase.


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