Gym Bag essentials to satisfy your fitness fetish

According to Forbe’s Magazine, only 8% of Americans keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s take that piss poor statistic and apply it to English folk who, let’s be honest, have the same level of motivation as Phil Mitchell passing on a pint. Apparently, what makes us more likely to stick to our resolutions is making small and realistic goals, i.e. rather than “I’m gunna be a gym rat and lose 60lbs”, go for “I like that spinning class on a Thursday (said noone), I’m gunna go every week”. I recently embarked on a massive personal journey to lose weight after years and years of yo-yo dieting and reaching my heaviest weight of 18 stone a few years ago. I finally bit the bullet and got myself a Personal Trainer. The poor lad has worked really hard through all the bitching, moaning (…and swearing) and failed press ups – where I resembled what can only have been described as a limp fish. I made huge progress and a massive part of that was getting on the ball with a strong organisation game – prep is ya first step. So I’m doing you all a solid by sharing with you my collection of absolute gym bag essentials –  to help you aspiring gym bunnies, work off your mince pie booties come January.

Fabletics Flexy Gym Bag

RRP: £72:00

I mean. I may look like shit at the gym but – we can accessorise. We love this burgundy bag by Kate Hudson’s brand Fabletics. Practical for all the goodies that you need to take with you on the rare venture to the gym.


Graze Veggie Protein Power

RRP: £1.20

I eat all times of the day but – my PT tells me it’s important to stock up on energy before a big sesh. This little pack from Graze is absolutely incredible. Crunchy nibbles coated in delicious spices – it’s so satisfying! My go to substitute for a packet of crisps.



Neat Lean Protein Powder

RRP: £34.00

For those of you that like to up your protein intake – lean protein by Neat is pretty bloody fantastic. Without all the additives and sugary crap you find in many of the other powders, Neat uses all natural ingredients and is gluten-free.  Ticking all the boxes – and it tastes beaut.

Sol Republic Relay Sport Wireless Earphones

RRP: £99.99

Ladies and gents, these are bloody amazing. I spent the last few years of my gym attempting life balancing my phone on my pot belly while attempting sit ups. Balancing skill needed no more – these wireless headphones are incredible!


Andrew James SmartPhone Running Armband

RRP: £7.99

Just to add to the ease of your balancing act – this great little accessory keeps your phone safe, near and sweat free. A definite gym essential.

Bobble Sport Water Bottle

RRP: £9.99

So, obviously, mans gots to have aqua. Rather than reusing plastic bottles over and over again, get one of these little gems. With an inbuilt filter – this is definitely your fella.


Carex Moisture Plus Hand Gel

RRP: £1.45

These little jellies are great in all occasions – especially when handling sweaty gym gear. Useful for all circumstances.

Phil Smith Gently Does It Shampoo/Conditioner

RRP: £3.50

This combo is so refreshing after a workout. When you’re sweating from the scalp down this tea tree oil infused duo helps revive you – literally like a fresh mint leaf has smacked you right around the face. Leave the gym feeling revitalised!


Invisible Dry Shampoo – CO by Andrew Collinge

RRP: £8.00

For those days when you just fully CBA to wash your sweaty locks – especially for those sessions we rarely squeeze in before work. This great dry shampoo is not only invisible (so you don’t have to walk around like you’ve coated yourself in dust) but it’s also super volumising. So you although your body may be limp – you’re hair will be sassy AF.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Eyeliner/ Mascara Duo

RRP: £25.00

I mean, I fully cannot compete with the gals who walk into the gym with a face full of slap. However, we all like to make ourselves presentable and one of the main reasons I never wear any make up to the gym is because I end up looking like a panda 10 seconds in (who the fuck sweats under their eyes). Eyeko have been complete heroes and have created products which are totally wearable on these sticky occasions. With a gel-like eyeliner pencil made with coconut oil, these are great. 


Hardcore Fitness Foam Roller

RRP: £49.95

So, imagine watching someone walk down the street in a pair of jeans after shitting themselves – that’s what I look like after a hefty squat session. The clamp struggle is real. This bad boy helps release that tension. Just place it on the sore spot and let the bitches see you rollin’ (they won’t be hatin’).

Odylique Muscle Ease Massage Oil

RRP: £9.50

Finally, when you get home after a visit to the gym like a good lil’ egg – treat yo’self. This massage oil contains lavender, rosemary and marjoram, smells absolutely bloody incred and also releases a load of post-gym tension. Now we just need Channing Tatum to help us massage it in…





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