Eat Beautiful with Iodine: Seaweed’s Secret Superpower

31% of the UK’s New Year’s resolutions in 2017 will be to eat healthier and we know that the New Year is the best time to turn your dreams of eating healthily into a reality.

In association with expert nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed and Itsu to guide you on the health benefits of an Asian inspired diet, so that you can begin 2017 as you mean to go on,

“Japanese life expectancy is currently one of the longest in the world and their dietary habits are often heralded as part of the reason for this long lifespan.” says Charlotte.

“The traditional Japanese diet features plenty of nutrient-dense foods particularly seaweed and miso. A study in 2016 showed that Japanese individuals who adhered the closest to Japanese dietary guidelines had the lowest mortality rates.”

Research by the British Thyroid Association, found that 70% of young women in the UK are iodine deficient, a condition that can cause thyroid dysfunction, leading to weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, tiredness, depression as well as intolerance to cold. Experts also warn that deficiency can affect fertility, pregnancy and brain & physical development in young children.

In 2016, itsu commissioned research into the UK’s awareness of iodine deficiency and found that almost 90% of the UK had never heard of the condition and were unaware of the symptoms. Nutritionist Charlotte comments: “Iodine is important in the diet as it contributes to normal thyroid function, normal brain function and also normal growth in children.”

Iodine is a nutrient missing from most everyday foods, but iodine is seaweed’s secret superpower.

Charlotte says: “Seaweed is a nutrient-dense food option and itsu crispy seaweed thins are a good source of iodine, vitamin B12 and protein. They are also high in fibre whilst being low in calories”.

She adds “Seaweed is a particularly good option for vegetarians and vegans, being a source of vital nutrients found in meat and fish, but that are often lacking in some plant-based or vegetarian diets.” Unlike other seaweed snacks, itsu crispy seaweed thins are free from crustaceans, making them perfect for vegans.

“Seaweed can make good snack alternatives to typical snacks like crisps and biscuits, which often contain empty calories: plenty of fat, sugar and salt but little in the way of beneficial nutrients.”

itsu crispy seaweed thins allow you to enjoy the health benefits of seaweed on the go. Heralded as the new, butterfly-light vegetable crisp, at less than 24 calories per pack, they make the perfect eat beautiful seaweed snack and contain over 65% of your recommended iodine dose.

Go on, get healthy this 2017! Replace that mid-morning packet of crisps or lunchbox treat with an equally crispy, more delicious, nutritious snack.

itsu crispy seaweed thins available in three flavours: original sea salt, wasabi and sweet soy and salt. RRP: £1.00. Available in selected Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrison’s, Asda and online at Ocado and Amazon



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