Searching for a place to stay over the New Year period was one that was a struggle over many months. Toying with the idea of going abroad, visiting our favourite seaside town and thoughts of ‘glamping’ came to mind as we searched and hunted for the perfect place to bring in 2017.

New Year carries a lot of expectation, and personally, for me this year I wanted to spend it away from all of that. I didn’t want the pressure of making sure I was ‘having fun’, I didn’t want to be torn over who’s friends we’d spend it with this year, I wanted it to be myself, my other half and a place far away from all the expectation and comaderie. Having previously found ourselves totally in love with our countryside gem, The Dimpsey Sherpherds Hut, we knew the type of place we wanted to find (it really is harder than you think, or maybe we have very high expectations!). 

Spending our evenings searching for our chosen New Year Retreat, we always feared that perhaps the place wouldn’t live up to our previous experience, it was ‘too campy’ or in fact, we just wouldn’t like it. This was when we found Owls Rest at Park Farm, Northamptonshire. Like a beacon of light, the pictures sold us straight away and we made our decision there and then, booking through airbnb.

Arriving through the thick late December fog, the drive from Surrey was treacherous to say the least! Following our instructions from Ian and Sylvia, we were on the hunt for a Christmas tree which would be our first stop before approaching the log house. Pulling up to Ian and Sylvia’s beautiful farm house was the perfect start and complete with kittens frolicking in the courtyard, I was in heaven. Our hosts then led us via car through fields and fields of green, stopping to open and close a few farm gates on the way. The 5 minute drive from the farm house and the fog distorting our sense of direction, it really made us feel that we were on our way to a secluded retreat. Soon we pulled up to our beautiful log cabin, complete with a festive Christmas Tree, home baked shortbread and a cool bottle of prosecco. Breathing a sigh of relief, we were more than ready to relax.

Situated on the family farm, Park Farm, and just one field away from the Old Village of Sulby which lies under the Ancient Scheduled Monument, the area is protected and completely looked after. Surrounded in green and far away from any 3G or wifi signal, Ian and Sylvia’s Owls Rest is a quiet and idyllic retreat. Situated on the banks of Sulby Reservoir, a view of the water can be seen from every window of the log house. Upon entering, the familiar smell of Cedar Wood reminiscent of my many chalet stays on skiing holidays in the mountain was so very welcome.

The log house is completely off grid and eco-friendly, powered with solar panels for electricity and a bio-mass boiler to for warmth. With a centralised kitchen, living area and dining area the log house, to our surprise, was very large with huge windows that let in natural light.

Sleeping up to four people, the log house is perfect for families, however it works just as well as a couples retreat. The log house is totally private and very isolated and time spent here gives your the opportunity to simply, breathe. Complete with a stand alone wood fired sauna (man make fire), the log house had everything we could have wished for throughout our stay. Wanting for nothing, we enjoyed the simple leisures in life such as walking, reading and even completing a puzzle.

Boiling our kettle on the stove and looking out upon the reservoir was the perfect way to begin the New Year… we will be back.

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