How to get fit: 7 PT approved health hacks

We’re not alone when we say that a fitness journey, though rewarding, can be long. With what seems like an array of obstacles in our way it is easy for us to find excuses. “I don’t have enough time” is often one of those excuses.

Is this you? Probably. Stop with the excuses and take the advice from a selection of the UK’s leading fitness experts:

Hide the temptations
Put all those temptations away in harder places to access. The more we must search for something, or the more effort we must put in to get something to eat, the less we consume. Equally, the easier something is to eat, the easier it is to forget how much you consume.
Daniel Harrod, PT at Everyone Active Harrow Leisure Centre

Turn baby steps into habits
Being active is as easy as making small and sustainable changes to your day. This might sound like it’s straight off a corporate video, but standing at your desk, taking time to walk at lunch, using the stairs – it all matters. Turning baby steps into habits is the essential step in developing new, healthier behaviours.
John Beeby, medal winning sports athlete, trainer and sports psychologist

Get running
Runners that struggle with blisters can rub Vaseline on their ankles before they put their socks on so their shoes won’t rub (lipbalm works too!) Running outside without pockets? Tie your house key to your laces and tuck them in so you don’t lose them.
Louise Bennett, Fitness Motivator at Everyone Active Hornchurch Sports Centre

Write down your goals
Write down 5 habits you must change to achieve your goal and ensure that at least 3 of the 5 habits or changes are adhered to every day.
Dr. Dan Reardon, FitnessGenes CEO & Co Founder

Brush your teeth…on one leg
Standing on one leg whilst brushing your teeth is a great way to work the deep core muscles in your abdomen which help protect your back. Not only will it help strengthen and tone your thighs (quadriceps)and butt (glutes), it will improve your co-ordination and balance. Start with one leg and then the other by gently squeezing your butt muscles and then lifting your ribcage as you drop your shoulder blades. Hold for 30 seconds and then repeat on the other leg.
Paul Saunders, Senior Fitness Motivator at Everyone Active Watford Woodside

Set your alarm
The early bird… Exercising first thing gets it out of the way and means you won’t be tempted to skip it later. Prep your workout gear the night before. You’ll be more motivated in the morning if you don’t have to rush around.
Health & Fitness Travel, 
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Ditch the 60 minute sessions
Short quick workouts throughout the day are actually better than 60 minute cardio sessions.
Tom Holland, Nautilus’ Chief Fitness Advisor



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