Gin Afternoon Tea is a thing and we. love. It.

Gin has become the boozy botanical babe of the moment, with the average consumption in the UK rising 16% since last year! We used to chug it by the gallon way back in the 18th century when the poor gurgled away their sorrows, consuming on average 10 litres of Gin per person per year, including the kiddywinkles. It was literally considered safer to drink than the dirty water, so naturally, we binged on it – sounds like our kind of era. Gin as a drink, inherited a reputation as being a drink for depression and poor people and thus slowly became less trendy. Enter the tragic boozers of the 21st Century. Gin has smashed it back into society today in a plethora of different forms and infused with some gloriously diverse flavours. Gone are the days of the staple G&T and welcome Gin Cocktails, Gin Vapour Bars, Gin Candles, Gin Cupcakes… and Gin Afternoon Tea.

As self-confessed Gin Addicts, Belle tootled along to Hush in Mayfair to try out the latest trend of their “Gin and Jam Tea”.

The afternoon began by seducing us with a Strawberry Jam infused Gin Cocktail which truly wet our whistles. We were then tempted to a choice of some gloriously unique tea blends including my personal favourite – chocolate and raspberry. Now, here at Belle, we love some decent crockery. We’re the kind of people who’ll buy a teaspoon for £20.00 and have no regrets. The porcelain finery which the tea is presented in here at Hush, is well, stupendous.  I mean. Look at it – how glorious.

As part of the package you are then presented with yet another Gin Cocktail, which are all beautifully named after fictional characters – I chose the Paddington Bear (how bloody cute is that), which was sweet with marmalade notes and rich with gorgeous amaretto and Gin. Now, this is an afternoon tea so naturally this wouldn’t be acceptable without some sweet sweet scoffing. There’s an array of mini sandwiches on offer, mini macaroons and of course, the staple British Scone. These are served with clotted cream and adorable mini mason jars of homemade jams – be sure to ask what these are, as there aren’t labelled – but they’re delicious!

This is indeed a very pleasurable experience we would say. Being born and bred in Surrey, Afternoon Tea is a living, breathing part of my lifestyle so I’m a bit of a harsh critic. However, Hush offer a trendy alternative to this traditional treat with some absolutely stunning cocktails. Also available is their Cocktail Masterclass which can be partnered with the Afternoon Tea – perfect to add a little summin summin extra (and extra booze). William the head mixologist was an absolute hoot and they really do look after you.

It’s a great day out and… basically – you get drunk and eat cake – who’s gunna complain about that?

Available from Virgin Experience Days RRP £70.00 for 2 people attending Gin and Jam High Tea only, £130.00 for 2 people attending Gin and Jam High Tea and Cocktail

Masterclass Package.


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