The 19 struggles of someone who is constantly tired

There are certain challenges one must face in life and for those of us who are constantly sleepy – it can seem like the smallest of steps are mountains. No we aren’t lazy or bored, we just need constant naps and pillow snuggles, OK?!

  • No matter how many hours of sleep you get – it is quite frankly never enough.

  • Your alarm is Satan.

  • Your first waking thought of the day is your sheer requirement for caffeine

  • You finally get to work and no amount of concealer can cover what you’re hiding

  • You arrive at your 9am meeting and the struggle begins

  • After your 4th espresso you wonder if you have a biological resistance to caffeine

  • You’ve perfected the masked yawn.

  • But it happens so often sometimes you just have to let it fly free

  • You can intermittently nap through the day on the down low

  • But for the moments you’re not napping, it’s all you can think about.

  • When you finally manage a substantial nap, you wake up utterly disorientated

  • Your longest term relationship is with your duvet

  • And when you aren’t together you get separation anxiety

  • By 3:00pm you are really straining. 

  • By 5:00pm you’re absolutely finished.

  • People ask if you have exciting plans for your evening? Yep.

  • You race home for the beautiful moment that you are reunited with bae.

  • You take a moment to realign with the body groves which are indented into the mattress

  • And you vow to never leave again.




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