6 of the best pancakes you can find in London

Pancake day is just around the corner and we’re flippin’ (excuse the pun) excited. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there; beginning our pancake day celebrations with the best intentions and ending up with half a pancake stuck to the ceiling, batter spread across the kitchen counter and  rather crisp pancake residue burnt onto our favourite ‘pancake pan’. In a bid to avoid the pancake drama this year, we’ve scoured London for the very best in Pancakes. Trust us, you’re going to love it.

Battered Mars Bar Pancakes
Mac & Wild, Fitzrovia & City

Mac & Wild have stuck to their roots and created a very special Scottish delicacy, a battered Mars bar pancake. This delicious crepe is filled with luxurious chocolate ganache and gooey caramel. It is then battered 

This pancake will be perfect Shrove Tuesday treat and will have you shouting och aye from the rooftops. The delicious dish will consist of and deep-fried to create a wonderful hot and crunchy outer layer, containing the gorgeous ganache and caramel deep within. One bite and you’ll be flipping well hooked.

The Chocolate Orange Pancake
Rabbit, King’s Road

Rabbit are offering a decadent pancake dish featuring a deliciously dark chocolate mousse, clementine curd and soaked golden raisins. As always the pretty plate will be spectacularly presented and will represent all the spoils of the English countryside, including a scattering of foraged seasonal spring flowers. Fancy!

The Ultimate American Pancake Stack
Greenwood, Victoria

These fluffy pancakes are stacked high and loaded with gooey chocolate chip cookies, cookie dough ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts and crunchy honeycomb. Surely you’re mouth is watering just at the sight of it?

A Nutella Pancake Stack
Christopher’s, Covent Garden

Perfect for the sharers among us, this Nutella Pancake Stack serves 4. With layers of decadent Buttermilk Pancakes, nutella, crushed hazelnuts, honeycomb ice cream and chocolate sauce, this is really what dreams are made of. You’ll love it so much that you won’t want to share!

Pistachio and Orange
Bistrot de Luxe, Marylebone

Bistrot de Luxe are offering crepes with pistachio and orange served with a orange caramel sauce, dreamy!

Blueberry Ricotta
No1 Duke Street, Clapham

There is nothing like blueberry’s as an ideal topping for pancakes. No1 Duke Street are offering blueberry ricotta pancakes with decadent maple crème fraiche and sweet syrup. Delicious.

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