10 things you’ll know if you’ve ever been to a Hot Yoga class

If you’ve never heard of Hot Yoga before then listen up…think everything Yoga (calming, peaceful, relaxing) and place it in a room that reaches up to 37°C. Yes, on purpose.

Whilst that might sound like mild torture to some, Hot Yoga has some really great benefits such as helping to flush toxins from the skin, burning up to 1000 calories in a 90 minute class and increasing strength and flexibility.

Thanks to the guys over at Everyone Active, I tried Hot Yoga for the first time last week and (spoiler alert)….. LOVED IT! That’s not to say I didn’t question my sanity in those 90 minutes, but it left me feeling like a new woman!

Here’s 10 things you’ll know if you’re anything like me and have been to a Hot Yoga class….

  1. When you arrive, you’ll think you’ve walked into the advanced class… no matter how early you get there, someone will always have got there before you and is in some pose you can’t even imagine bending in to
  1. You will not have a clue what the Teacher is telling you to do….Uttanasana who?
  1. You will spend most of your time trying to copy what the person next to you is doing….how on earth are your hands touching the ground right now?
  1. You will reach a point where the heat makes you want to run out the room and never look back ….
  1. But then you’ll start to sweat….and I mean really sweat, from places you’ve never sweated from before (gross)
  1. The sweat will drip into your eyes….and into your mouth.
  1. But, you’ll feel like a badass once you crack your tree pose or catch yourself in the mirror nailing that downward dog….despite not being able to stop your hands and feet from slipping all over the place
  1. You will silently cheer when the heat gets turned off….
  1. …and that 10 minute savasana at the end will be the greatest 10 minutes you’ve spent lying down in your life
  1. But when it’s all over and you leave looking like a slightly burnt tomato, you will feel INCREDIBLE and can’t wait to do it all over again

If you are interested in trying out Hot Yoga, or are a keen Hot Yogi looking for a new space to practice, the guys over at Everyone Active ( have brand spanking new Hot Yoga studios in 3 of their Westminster centres, and right now they are have a great introductory offer of 20 days for £20.

What’s not to love?

Having tested out the classes myself, you won’t find much better value for money anywhere else in London.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get sweaty! You won’t be disappointed.


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