Editor’s Note: Why I am giving up feeling stressed

Stress. It’s a word I use a lot. Perhaps it could be argued that I use it too casually. Phrases like ‘I’ve had such a stressful day’ and ‘I blame stress’ are all too common in my every day conversation. This is why the beginning of March marks the moment that I have decided to give up using the term stress and actually embrace being busy.

Sometimes my life can seem like a whirlwind. Working full time while running and editing Belle Magazine can often prove overwhelming. From working a full day in the office to a full night on the magazine, I have put myself at risk of never truly finding time for myself. Time has to be found. It is not something that we’re given. And sometimes, the act of finding that time is the hardest thing to do. What I realised was that I was choosing to spend every inch of my time working on my job and working on Belle Magazine and I was forgetting the most important thing behind all of this; myself.

I was putting others requests first, going out of my way to over deliver and ultimately completely running myself into the ground. While I pride myself on my sheer dedication and determination to every task I undertake, it was starting to become a little ‘too much’. I was starting to lose that spark to me that has so brilliantly driven me to achieve everything I have so far. I realised that it was time for me to be selfish. It was time for me to find my time, take good care of myself, stop trying to please everyone and really focus on my own wellbeing. You can’t pour from an empty cup can you? It was time to fill my cup back up again.

We can ask what truly makes us happy? For me, it’s a simple as breathing in fresh country air, feeling the hot rays of sun on my face, enjoying that first bite of a pizza slice when I’m ravenous, collapsing into bed after a day on my feet, a sip of warm tea and being unequivocally close to those around me. With so many contradictory forces pulling me to ‘do better at that’ and ‘focus more on this’; I was forgetting what truly made me happy. I was categorising all of the challenges I’ve faced and my busy lifestyle under the umbrella term of being stressed.

This is why I am giving up feeling stressed. Life is not defined by how many emails you have in your inbox. You will not be remembered for replying to every email. Obsessing over perfecting every little part of your life will only make you notice the negatives. Support from your team of special people will always be there. Self-acceptance, love and appreciation is really all that is needed to really enrich your life and stop you feeling stressed. Time is how you choose to spend it. Spend it wisely by fiercely allowing yourself to relax, breath and enjoy it however and with whomever you wish.

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