IWD2017: Belle Magazine, behind closed doors with editor, Sophie Lowe

So, tomorrow is International Woman’s Day. A celebration of all the absolutely bloody fantastic gals the world has had the honour of hosting – the ones who fought, who spoke, who challenged. We listed a few of our personal faves here, so please do take a look. However, can you believe it, Belle magazine missed a very important one. Sophie Lowe. Belle Mag’s Chief Editor, our beautiful colleague and my dear old friend. A creative genius, a beauty guru, the queen of ambition and multi-tasking and a genuine, gentle friend – Sophie is a little ball of glowing inspiration in lives of many. So, before this starts sounding like an obituary, I thought I’d give you all a little sneak peek behind the scenes in Sophie world – the method behind her fantastic madness.

If you had to give your life a tagline, what would it be?

The rise and fall of a dangerously creative millennial, pretending she knows what she’s doing

What does life look like through the fluttering of Sophie’s lashes?

There are two sides to my life. While managing Belle Magazine, I also work full time in the PR world. While intense, it has also give me a finite understanding of both sides of the fence which has been vital to growing our brand. On a usual day I work on Belle Magazine 7am-8am and then 7pm-11pm with my job in between.

Saturday however, is my firefighting day, where I use the time to catch up on emails, organise press trips and liaise with the team. I also use this time to write features and brainstorm for upcoming ones.

What inspired you to cook up Belle Magazine?

Writing was always a number one hobby of mine. Even as a tot I have notebooks and notebooks of my thoughts, whether that’s a diary of my day or simply my thoughts on what a mobile phone will look like in 3045 (yes that really happened). Undertaking an English Literature and Media Studies degree really made me think about how many thoughts I actually had. I have a hunger to share the very best of the world and keeping the thoughts inside my brain was starving me.

This was when my blog (the first of many) was born. Here I shared life’s lows, highs and lessons I’d learnt while studying for my degree. It wasn’t until after I finished university and began my first year as a PR professional that I realised it was time to take my little blog to the next level. Since then, I removed myself personally from the blog and rebranded as Belle Magazine. It has involved many sleepless nights and countless hours of hard work battling coding, SEO and commercial licenses. However, Belle Magazine is now officially trademarked and has some very exciting plans under its belt.

We’ve grown from simply being just myself to a larger team of writers across the globe, all with very interesting personalities. The last three months have been record breaking for us and I am so proud and excited to see where this takes us! With a Daily Mail feature last month and a chapter of a book coming up later this year, the Belle Magazine journey has really only just begun!

…out of all of the team of writers… who is your fav? (*wink wink*)

Haha! I wouldn’t be half the way to where I am without my team. No favourites allowed. The best part of the team is that there are so many strengths, so many personalities and in so many countries! I’m a lucky girl.

Where did the Belle Magazine name come from?

My love of all things beautiful. I knew I loved the name Belle. Belle is even in my plans for my first pet or child’s name.

What do you do when you aren’t being a hero at business life?

I love to spend time with my favourite people. After a very difficult and testing end to 2014, I made it my New Year’s Resolution to ‘date my friends and family’. Weird as it may sound, I made a conscious effort to thank the special people in my life constantly, always let them know I was thinking about them and really make them a priority. This led to one of the most successful years of my life with a world class system of the people around me.

Right Soph, dish some dirt. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I have intense Misophonia, which is unimaginably inconvenient. The sound of people eating sets me into such a deep rage. I often have to remove myself from a room!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

WINE. Sauvignon Blanc. WINE.

What’s your biggest addiction?

I have an old rag doll, lacking of face and most of her body and is stained brown out of fear of washing her – her smell is like crack to me. This smell is what my boyfriend calls ‘dusty museum’. I’m stressed, smell the doll. I’m sad, smell the doll. I’m elated, smell that bloody doll.

If you were to be an addition to a crayon box, what would you be?

A duck egg blue; classic, luxurious and chic.

What’s the most unfortunate thing to ever happen to you?

In a very typical ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ scenario, while living it up in a local dive in my late teens, I managed to find myself in the path of a flying piece of ice. The ice (being thrown out of sheer merriment by a moron), hit me right in the eye. Blinding (and numb) from vodka, I completely forgot about it, until I woke up the next morning with a purple eye that was swollen shut. I wore sunglasses in Tesco the next day out of utter shame.

Finally, what advice would you give yourself 5 years ago?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stop worrying. Life is more important than worrying about everything. You’ll make it with sheer dedication and unfathomable passion.

What. a. woman.

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