How to get the best brows of your life

With brows being the ultimate garm of the make up wardrobe at the moment, we are seeing some absolutely fantastic products on the market to groom them to their best. Our eyebrows literally frame our faces, whether we like them to be brave and bold with a strong arch or au natural with a simple gel to tame the strays, a ladies eyebrows are a garden to be well preened.

We asked Denise Rabor, International Make Up Artist and Founder of WOW Beauty to give us her top tips for allowing our brows to fulfil their full potential. “Eyebrows are a HUGE make up trend at the moment and they are here to stay. Eyebrows are so important as they can transform every face shape” says Denise. On how to keep brows in shape, Denise says, “Brush them up and out with a spoolie so you can see loose strands that need to be removed. Using tweezers, follow the shape of your brow, beginning at the inner corner and pluck away any loose strands. Be careful and patient so you do not over pluck!”

Filling the eyebrows is a task of precise skill and Denise advices, “When filling in your brows, whether you use a powder, pencil or gel, always use short, light strokes, to keep your eyebrows looking as natural as possible. Begin under your natural arch and thicken the brow slightly, then continue with the rest of your eyebrow filling in any gaps or sparse areas. Try not to fill in the head of the brow as this stops the eyebrows from looking natural. For a more defined, dramatic eyebrow, extend the tail of the brow. Finish off by using the spoolie again to brush through your brows and blend everything together or alternately, use a clear brow gel. My favourite brow products include Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Benefit’s Brow Zings. The Anastasia Beverly Hills range has great colour choices for brows, including colours to suit darker skin tones”

As a teen I was a self confessed over-plucker and as a result, have very sad, patchy brows to work with. So, taking on Denise’s advice, I did some investigation into the best eyebrow enhancing products on the market at the moment so you all can have the sassy brows you deserve.

1. Rapidbrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum– RRP £37.00

So before we even begin, let’s water the soil. With the promise to restore and repair the appearance and condition of eyebrows in 60 days, this product does not disappoint. Simply apply the product twice a day and let the hairs thicken (it also has a slight gel like texture so doubles up as a product to keep the hairs in place!).


2. Beautiful Brows Kit RRP £30.00

So, I initially discovered this little bundle of heaven back at the IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) in 2015 and have literally been using the same kit since (they last an eternity). This kit contains everything you need to achieve a variety of brow effects. With a powder, grooming brush, highlighter and even stencils for those of us who struggle with our consistency (guilty) – it’s the perfect answer to a simple and quick brow that looks as natural or as bold as you require! Absolute must-buy.


3. Ardell Brow Pomade RRP £7.99

This little pot of goodness combines the work of a powder, pencil and gel together into a little sculpting potion. It comes with a great little brush to groom and define brows and this pomade is as resilient as a Sunday morning hangover – she is there for the long haul with no risk of a quick fade. Perfect product for a thicker and fuller looking brow.


4.  Sport FX Pencil RRP £7.99

Sporty gals no longer have to worry about their eyebrows either being non-existant or halfway down their face. This pencil solves all your woes, active angels. With almost a pomade like finish, this angled pencil creates a thick and if desired, bold, finish. Tried and tested in an intense Personal Training session last weekend – I can assure you, you won’t be getting droopy brows with this pencil.


5. Brow Wiz Anastasia Beverly Hills RRP £15.50

As mentioned above by Denise, this is one of the most popular brow products on the market at the moment and it’s clear to see why. With an array of so many different colours and a soft, gentle finish – this pencil makes natural enhancing so easy and so gorgeous.

May every day be a great eyebrow day

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