Mum knows best | Beauty tips passed down by our Mothers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here at Belle HQ we have been reflecting on all the moments that our Mum’s have quite simply – known best. In retrospect, yes, we shouldn’t have dated that bad-boy you told us not to or tried to box dye our own hair bleach blonde but we’ve learnt from your wise words now!

Who better to give us advice on how to best optimise our beauty regimes than our beautiful Mothers – and we’d like to share our favourites, what are yours?

You don’t have to spend the earth to look after your skin

“Having only seen my Mum in make-up a handful of times in my life, I wouldn’t say that I looked to her for beauty tips. She did, however, teach me one thing. Always look after your skin. Her skin is impeccable and has never given her age away, she is generally presumed younger than she is. Now in her late 60’s I can’t say much has changed, she’s the epitome of ageing gracefully. Her young adult years were spent working in London, where she lived in a flatshare with 9 others. Cheap was the theme when it came to her skin care routine, she didn’t use expensive potions and lotions.

Her number one rule of skincare was to take her makeup off no matter how late it was, or how much she’d had to drink. She avoided any products that were greasy and used Johnson’s baby lotion to remove her makeup, which she used on wads of dampened cotton wool. On occasion she would use a splash of Simple toner as it wasn’t perfumed and was cheap as chips. She is living proof that you can look after your skin and allow it to age beautifully without ‘Spending the earth’, as my Mother would say.”

Emily Townes

Never underestimate the power of your makeup brushes

“I was so unbelievably lucky to grow up with a Mummybear who was a professional beauty therapist – so it’d be so hard to pick a single tip. She’s my personal little beauty guru who tints my eyebrows for me, waxes my legs and is never afraid to tell me if I’m running out the door with a bit too much blush. She even taught me how to paint my nails in fancy designs (from when I was a little diva, desperate to paint my nails ‘spice girls theme’ – each nail a diff gal).

However, as I’ve grown up, I’ve become so interested in the art behind makeup application and where my Mum’s advice particularly came to light was teaching me how to use the right application tools. From such a young age I remember seeing my Mum’s makeup collection overflowing boxes and boxes of various collections – which was partnered with huge leather envelopes of makeup brushes. Take the same foundation; apply with a sponge, apply with your fingertips, apply with a synthetic brush or a blunt powder brush and you will get entirely different results with entirely different textures – it’s incredible. Each tool has a perfect opportunity to be used and my Mum has helped me learn when to use each -she’s a true artist and I am so grateful for her every day.”

Emily Asserati

Don’t be scared to use natural oils on oily skin

“I used to suffer from really oily skin and always looked like someone had just thrown a glass of water in my face, Wearing foundations was so horrible as I just looked too shiny.

My Mum then advised me to use a natural oil and smother it on my skin at night. So I started smothering my face with bio-oil before bed every night. It sounds so strange but it works as it tricks the skin into stopping the overproduction of its own oils. She also used to tell me to put talcum powder on my face before putting foundations, just so I look less shiny.

I always had really problematic areas of skin, mainly my chin. My Mum’s advice was to always keep how I keep how I treat my skin simple:

  • Wash your face with just water
  • Don’t use sponges
  • Use lemons to cleanse the face

Another tip, well I say tip but when I was younger my Mum used to buy me olive oil (yes cooking oil) to use as a moisturiser. I thought this was normal until I went on a school trip and pulled out the bottle of oil and everyone gasped. They mocked me then but hey who has the supple soft skin now.

My skin is really at its best now. Not even a visit to a dermatologist could help the acne on my chin but Mum knew what to do. Mum really does know best.”

Valerie Ikondo

Don’t over pluck your eyebrows or be tempted to tweeze upper lip hairs

“Do NOT over pluck your eyebrows, you may think it looks great at the time, but in a few years you’ll regret you ever picked up the tweezers! Also, never take the tweezers to upper lip hair, wax always! It only grows back thicker and darker”

Becci Hodson


Personalise your facial to match your mood

“The beauty tips I learnt from my Mother were to use steam for a great facial, whenever I had a cold she would get me to sit with a towel over my head with a bowl of hot water -perhaps a drop of Eucalyptus oil and just breathe… it definitely helped with the cold but the added benefit was it cleansed the skin and opened the pores, so I do it now sometimes and put a few drops of Lavender oil in the water.

She also used oils on her skin. I don’t remember if it was anything very special, it may have been just olive oil, but it got me thinking about the benefits of facial oils. Now I love them and really believe they rehydrate the skin and can be ‘personalised’ too. Again, if I’m feeling under the weather, I’ll mix up an olive oil with Tea Tree added, Rose is lovely for when you’re feeling hormonal and Lavender is great for relaxing.”

Janey Lee Grace


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