REVIEW | Counter Restaurant, Vauxhall

Tucked away beneath Vauxhall railway arches lies Counter, a modern, quirky, dining destination.

A hidden gem found amongst the hustle and bustle of this busy commuter hotspot, it’s friendly and inviting atmosphere will stop travellers in their tracks, making Vauxhall an up-and-coming place to eat. Opting to visit Counter on a Monday evening – not a typically social night of the week, it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted with a lively welcome and to be able to soak up the restaurant’s vibrant ambience.

With a fantastic wine list on offer, we were excited to start our evening and were soon treated to a refreshing glass of McManis Nettie Viognier Californian dry white wine (which comes highly recommended).

Having started our evening well, we were then brought a delicious platter of charcuterie meats which included Patanegra ham, porc rillettes, saucisson, Jambon de Paris, cornichon, and a particularly impressive fig chutney. The combination of tastes was an exquisite treat on the tongue and a sure indication of the standard of food that was yet to arrive.

Choosing from such an interesting array of main courses on the menu was a tricky task. Luckily, with the help and recommendations from the staff, we were able to settle on our choices of the Seared Sea Bass Fillet and the Lobster Burger – not forgetting a side of Gratin Dauphinoise Potatoes.

Tucking into the mouth-wateringly tender Sea Bass fillet was a delight. Paired with a bed of vegetable mille-feuille, yellow beetroot and basil, it was a fresh and incredibly healthy menu option to enjoy. The ingredients and flavours were also complimented beautifully by the complex elements and tastes of our wine.

The Lobster Burger was a tricky fish to tackle! Its humongous size dwarfed the side dish of fries and loomed over the plate, posing itself as a challenge not to be passed up. But its size became its strength after discovering the succulent tastes and textures of the tender crayfish, sorrel and tartare sauce filling.

Although rich, the burger still allowed room to try the wonderful side portion of Gratin Dauphinoise Potatoes, which proved to be a favourite part of the meal. Their intensely creamy taste and consistency was the ideal accompaniment to a delightful dining experience and perfect cadence to our main course.

The pièces de résistance however, must be accredited to the Chocolate Fondant and Blood Orange Sorbet dessert. Made to order, this masterpiece was the highlight of our evening. The rich, sweet sponge and smooth chocolate interior of the fondant contrasted beautifully with the sharp, tang of the sorbet – creating a truly wonderful dish to be savoured.

Counter Bar & Brasserie, as one of the only restaurants in the area surrounding Vauxhall station, boasts a fantastic menu and promises to be a fantastic night out. Next time you’re choosing where to eat out, consider stopping by and giving Counter a try. We’ll definitely be returning to check out their infamous weekend Bottomless Bubbles Brunch sometime soon!


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