This is what happened when I tried UN1T 7 Day Challenge

When I signed up to UN1T’s 7 day challenge, I didn’t realise at the time that I’d booked myself on to the most intense week of workouts of my entire life. Little did I also know that I’d finish the week feeling more motivated to get fit and strong than ever before. Despite feeling like I might be sick or cry more times than I care to admit, UN1T embody a whole new meaning to the term ‘group fitness’. Having tried and painfully tested 3 out of the 7 different classes on offer, I thought I’d give you guys the low down so you can make the best fitness decision of your life and sign up too!

The Gym – Fulham

Placed conveniently next to Sainsburys on Wandsworth Bridge Road (perfect for those pre-workout snacks), UN1T Fulham might appear small and unobtrusive from the outside, but that is far from the truth. Down a couple of flights of stairs (just a little bit more punishment if class wasn’t enough) is UN1T’s small but perfectly formed and equipped gym. Packed with every kind of weight your heart could ever desire, and even a post-workout protein shake bar, UN1T has it all. Beyond the gym, the changing rooms do not disappoint. Hairdryers, straighteners, complimentary hair bobbles & sanitary products, and to top it all off, COWSHED SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER. If that hasn’t got you signed up for 7 days’ worth of luxury showers then I don’t know what will…


The Classes

UN1T focuses on 3 basic functions; strength, cardio & mobility. Personally, my favourite classes were those that focused on strength and weights but I was actually surprised by how much I felt I’d accomplished after the cardio classes, despite having a few death-by-trooper experiences.

All of the classes are based on a select number of exercises that are displayed on screens before and during the class so you can see what you’re getting yourself into. It’s also a great way to check which exercise is coming up next, and if your strategic like me, which exercise you’d prefer to finish on!!

Legion – In the words of UN1T, Legion is all about ‘fatiguing your muscle group through overloading’…..sounds scary doesn’t it! In this class, the room is split into 2 sections; arms and legs and you rotate round in pairs completing 3 sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. Exercises such as weighted squats and Romanian deadlifts will have your legs shaking and cliff hangers and the dreaded ‘maneaters’ will make your arms feel like jelly and not able to wash your hair for a week.

Trooper (I did this twice) – the ‘signature’ class & the most intense cardio class I have ever experienced in my life. Trooper is not for the faint hearted but it will certainly leave you feeling like a Trooper after time is up. Based on getting your heart pumping as fast as possible and the sweat pouring off your face, Trooper is a circuits class with a competitive twist. The hardest thing about this cardio class is that the timing isn’t structured. The time spent on each exercises is determined by how long it takes the pair on the sled to push it up and down the dreaded blue track 4 times. THE GUILT! If that doesn’t sound like enough pressure, you are also competing with other Trooper classes to see how many rounds you can do in the 35 minutes. The best we managed was 2 ¾. Trust me when I tell you that I died.

Force – another strength based class, but unlike Legion, this is completed in one circle shaped UN1T. No dreaded sled this time, but lots & lots of arms. Again, exercises were completed in sets of 3 and then you switch on to the next, following the circle around the room. The instructors were great in this class and were always checking to make sure you were lifting as much as you could manage & encouraging you to lift more than you ever believed you could.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try out every class in the 7 days due to a busy diary, but I will definitely be heading back to UN1T soon to test them out and to keep pushing and improving my fitness. I’m particularly keen to try out their brand new class, Ally, which is tipped to be the hardest yet. BRING IT UN1T.

In other, equally exciting news, UN1T have opened up a brand new studio in London Bridge so I will definitely be heading over to check that out soon too.

The best workout class of your life

In all honesty, spending a week with the guys at UN1T has given me more motivation to train and get stronger than ever before. If you’re feeling tired of the same old gym routine, or just need to spice your workouts up a bit, then I would 100% recommend you give UN1T a go, and I promise that you won’t regret it.

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