What advice would you give to your younger self?

They say that in hindsight, everything is clearer.

If you could talk to your younger self, pre-heartbreak, pre-career/life pressure and pre-almost mental breakdown what exactly would you say? Life is one of the biggest classrooms, so Belle Magazine asked the question ‘what advice would you give your younger self’ and the answers were fascinating.

“When grown ups tell you that honesty is the best policy, it’s because they’ve learn’t somewhere along their journey that lying hurts other people, hurts themselves and that it causes more trouble than its worth. Be honest with yourself, with your friends and with your lovers. Life is a lot easier when you don’t lie. Honesty really is the best policy.” 

“Best advice for a younger self? Assume everyone is an asshole until proven otherwise”

“Most people always say live for today, you might never get tomorrow. Well I would say to the younger me “there’s always tomorrow”. If someone cancels on you, there’s always tomorrow. Bad day ? There’s always tomorrow.  I always felt like I had to stay in and spend every second with my ex boyfriend instead of relax. I should have just gone out, had fun, given myself a break because whatever I was doing, could have waited till “tomorrow”. I always regret not making more friends and doing more things, means I have less stories to tell today.”

“Don’t keep going back to a long term boyfriend because it’s the safe and comfy option, be brave and make the break. It may feel bad but it will be best in the long run”

“Don’t worry. Be happy”

“Worry less about what certain people think of you. These people wont be important to you in later life and in fact you wont even remember some of their names. You just need to worry about what makes you happy and focus on that instead!”

“Life is going to be a lot more messy, hard, complicated, confusing and unpredictable than you thought it would or ever could be. It’s not going to be like the fairytales you’re told, but it’s still going to be great”

“I know that you’re convinced you’ll marry this boy. But you’ll realise you have much bigger dreams than him. Your ladder is going up so don’t get stuck staying horizontal. In the next 2 years you’ll meet your forever person anyway”

“Slow down and enjoy yourself as time FLIES”

“Don’t worry about the decisions you made, they were absolutely right for you at that time and stop being scared of stuff, your older self did it all anyway”



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