Everything you need to know about your first bikini wax

With summer well and truly here (well at least I think so) and the return of pretty summer dresses and vintage denim shorts, you may have started thinking about how you’re going to get rid of some serious fuzz that has built up over the winter (I like to call it the thermal layer). If you’re anything like me and dread the return of the razor, shaving bumps and razor nicks, then you may have considered waxing. Whilst having someone apply a layer of hot sticky wax to your more private areas and then ripping it off with your knees around your ears does not seem like the most glamorous of methods (surely the privacy of your own shower is far better) I’m here to prove you otherwise!

6 weeks before – do your research

Make sure you know what your signing up for!

There are many different types of bikini waxes which may seem daunting at first, but make sure you do a quick internet search to see what you want. If it’s your first time, maybe start small and go with a standard bikini wax. If your feeling brave perhaps you fancy a Brazilian or a Hollywood where a significant amount of hair is removed?

1 week before – check your hair length.

The perfect time for a bikini wax is when the hair is around half a centimetre, about as long as a grain of rice. Any shorter and the wax won’t be able to grip the hair properly. If the hair is too long, it can make the wax more painful, but your beautician will let you know and can always trim the hair to a better length.

2 hours before – pop a paracetamol

A couple of hours before your appointment, take 1-2 paracetamol to help increase your pain threshold slightly and make the wax more bearable.

1 hour before – have a shower

Whilst not absolutely mandatory, having a shower just before your wax appointment can make you feel cleaner, more comfortable and give you a little confidence boost. Just make sure you don’t apply any creams to the area after your shower; just pat dry with a towel

45 mins before – choose appropriate underwear

Preferably some that you don’t mind getting a little messy! Wax is sticky stuff and if you’re not going for a Brazilian or Hollywood, some of it may get on your knickers; not great if it’s your favourite sexy knickers and the only ones that you have a matching bra for….

40 mins before – put on some loose clothing

The worst thing after a wax is having to put skinny jeans or leggings on. Not only may the area be a bit sore, but tight fitting clothing will rub and make it much worse. Wear a loose skirt or trousers to allow the skin to breathe.

30 mins before – prepare some conversation topics

Make sure you have some conversation topics stored in your head. It will make the whole experience less awkward and make the time go much faster.

During your wax – help a girl out.

Most beauticians will ask you to get involved with pulling the skin tight. Don’t be afraid of this! It will help to get all the hairs off in one clean swoop. It also makes it less painful as the wax doesn’t pull at the skin so much.

30 mins after – take a cold shower

Straight after the wax, make sure to jump in a cold shower to soothe the waxed area. This will help reduce the appearance of any red spots of soreness.

Post wax – after care

Invest in a good post-shave cream or balm. One of my favourites is the ‘Khiel’s Ultimate Man Razor Burn Relief.’ Whilst it’s technically for men and meant to be used after shaving, this cream helps to prevent those pesky in-grown hairs from appearing and soothes the area to reduce the appearance of any red spots.

Top tip? Bikini waxes are not to be feared and that preparation really is the key! Check out the SO ME Beauty & Wellness Clinic who have a full range of wax options to choose from across their three salons in the South London area. Their beauticians are incredibly professional and knowledgeable and will make you feel completely at ease.

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