Is September the new January?

We are all familiar with that September feeling, reminiscent of the first day back at school feeling motivated and ready for the year ahead. It seems that with our summer holidays out the way and the end of summer in sight, this familiar feeling is not all too dissimilar to our elder years. This leaves us to question whether September is in fact the new January? Is September the best time to create new goals? If so, why? We asked the experts!

“Use September as a spring board to achieve your goals! It works better than  in January. In January people feel a bit tired, run down, often effected by Xmas overeating and over drinking and are lacking energy due to lack of sunshine and warmth.  Winter is a good time for rest and planning rather taking focused action” says Transformational Coach Gosia Gorna September is the time when we feel nourished by the summer months, holidays and hopefully some sunshine. There is still a lot of light, sunshine and the energy is very dynamic. As it is not the end of the year there is still plenty of time to achieve what we have set out to do in January. With a little bit of focus it is easy to achieve great things before Xmas. Make a list of things which you would love to manifest  before the end of the year. Choose the ones that make your heart sing”


But what about when it comes to fitness and nutrition? We asked Laura Fullerton of Fitty Ldn:
“Often people struggle in January because committing to a whole year of healthy living can be unachievable. Things change and something always gets in the way! September is a great time to reset. Kids have gone back to school; the summer holidays are over, it’s time to go back to work and there is a change in the air. It’s a great time to set new goals and feel energised and focused. After all, it’s only four months until Christmas so the perfect time to count-down, set some goals and make yourself look and feel amazing for the festive season” says Laura.

“It’s 12 weeks until Christmas, and without the distractions of summer holidays and glasses of rosé in the sunshine, you can achieve amazing things in that timeframe. Whether you want to learn yoga inversions or just make it through that spin class –  set yourself a goal.  Come December you can fully enjoy the endless drinks and nibbles, knowing you’ve treated your body well with regular exercise and nutritional foods. Better yet, you’ll be in a great place to see in the New Year, feeling your best and ready to carry on with your new routines into 2018.”

When it comes to nutrition, Laura says; “Autumn brings new seasonal foods to get excited about (hello blackberries, apples, root veg and squash), so why not find a new signature dish to wow friends and family with? Think a healthy twist on a blackberry crumble…seasonal cooking really is the best way to feel great about your waistline (and the environment). Soups and stews are so filling and made from scratch can be super healthy. Hearty porridge for breakfast is a great way to start the day and is incredibly satisfying with your favourite toppings. Warming salads are always a good idea with lentils and roasted vegetables. Plus, leftovers make a tasty lunch the next day.”

We asked Dan Wheller from Life Changing Fitness if the Autumnal weather has anything to do with this change. He says “The weather itself won’t have an impact on our mood or concentration – it’s always down to the amount of UV rays that are present in the day and how much sunlight we get as humans. This effects our circadian rhythm and in turn, our hormones. This then has a knock on effect to our food choices and calories consumption. Typically, people will start to eat more in Autumn and winter than the Spring and Summer, so it could be a wise idea to increase your output (exercise) during this time to combat that increase in calories that is hormonally going to happen”.

September – it’s time to set your goals.


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